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Red light Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

At Smart Recovery and Wellness, we proudly feature cutting-edge saunas by Sunlighten, setting new standards in the industry. Infrared saunas are a potent tool for natural healing and preventing chronic illnesses, empowering individuals to lead healthier lives. This is due to the unique ability of infrared light to deeply penetrate cells, generating an array of health benefits. We offer two distinct types of infrared saunas here at SR&W, ensuring a personalised experience. Our mPulse 3-in-1 sauna is unmatched in the market, providing precise wavelengths of near, mid, and far infrared, fully customizable to each user's preferences. Additionally, we present the Amplify Infrared sauna by Sunlighten, catering to those seeking a full spectrum sauna experience at elevated temperatures to get that deeper sweat.

How does an Infrared sauna help you?

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Health Benefits 

Sweat and Detoxification with Infrared Sauna


Sunlighten saunas are more effective at detoxing. Renowned detoxification expert Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt suggests using far infrared saunas in heavy metal detox protocol. He states that infrared mobilizes specific toxins, like mercury, in deeper tissues making infrared saunas an effective solution for toxin removal. Compare this to a steam sauna where you mainly loose body water due to the heat causing you to sweat.


Acknowledging that people can be cautious about new experiences, such as choosing an infrared sauna over a traditional hot stone sauna, below we have provide you with some testimonials from individuals in a range of fields. These accounts highlight substantial benefits associated with infrared saunas and how powerful and effective they can be.

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We have 2 types of Infrared Saunas at SR&W! 

You may not be aware but there are many different types of infrared saunas on the market. We use nothing but the best saunas on the market by Sunlighten. Both our saunas below are effective at giving you all the benefits of an infrared sauna but they do slightly different depending on the clients personal choice. Please see below. 

Red light Infrared Sauna Adelaide

mPulse 3-in-1 
Infrared Sauna

Customisable RED/NEAR, MID & FAR Infrared Sauna
Enhance your well-being with Sunlighten's advanced 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna, featuring integrated red light. This allows you to tailor your experience by personalising each wave length (Mid, Near or Far) to your chosen desire to target the precise health benefit you seek. 

  • 6 pre-set programs to choose from with targeted infrared (NIR, MIR or FIR) to the selected area 

  • Patented SoloCarbon® 3 in 1 infrared heating technology

  • Watch your favourite shows on YouTube, Netflix or chill out with some beats on Spotify on the integrated 10-inch Android powered touchscreen.

Relaxing in Infrared Sauna
Relaxing in an Infrared Sauna

Our Amplify Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Experience rapid and profound sweating with a hotter infrared sauna.

Achieve the utmost physical advantages of Sunlighten's highly effective full spectrum infrared sauna, intensified by halogen heaters for quicker results and a more intense, elevated heat.

  • Patented SoloCarbon® far infrared heating technology

  • Plus 2 full spectrum high intensity heaters (Mid, Near & Far)

  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth, AM/FM, AUX and USB/SD inputs.

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Infrared Explained

Learn about these important differences to understand infrared technology overall and to see what makes Sunlighten's infrared options stand out.

Near Infrared Wavelength
Mid Infrared Wavelength
Far Infrared Wavelength

Near Infrared (NIR)

for Anti-Aging, Skin Health, Muscle Recovery

This is the shortest infrared wavelength and penetrates the skin’s surface most effectively.

General Facts about NIR:

  • Similar to visible light

  • Gets absorbed by cell mitochondria at the cellular level.

  • Possesses the shortest wavelengths (700 to 1200 nanometers).


  • Best cellular energization with a precise 880nm wavelength, scientifically validated for:

    • Reviving cell mitochondria.

    • Regenerating cells.

    • Reducing inflammation and pain.

    • Accelerating wound healing.

    • Boosting collagen production for anti-aging.

Mid Infrared (MIR)

for Heart Health, Circulation, Pain Relief, Muscle Recovery

MIR has a longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into soft tissues, targeting inflammation. It widens blood vessels, improving circulation and oxygen delivery to injured areas, reducing pain and speeding healing.

General Facts:

  • Occupies a mid-range wavelength (1400 - 7000nm).

  • Proving challenging to replicate, it serves as sensory tools in diverse industries.


  • Solely the 3-in-1 mPulse heater offers MIR at prime wavelengths (5000 to 6700nm).

  • This achievement is thanks to Sunlighten's patented heating technology.

Infrared Sauna Light Spectrum with sun

Far Infrared (FIR)

for Detoxification, Heart Health, Weight Loss, Immunity, General Wellness, Relaxation, Muscle Recovery

FIR boasts the longest wavelength, penetrating deep into the body where toxins accumulate. Elevating your core body temperature, it activates sweat glands, generating a profound, detoxifying sweat.

General Facts:

  • Residing farthest from visible light.

  • Occupies the longest wavelength range (7000 - 14000nm).

  • Gets absorbed by water molecules at the cellular level.

  • Offers a gentle, radiant heat sensation.

  • Safely and gently enhances health at the cellular level.


  • Solely Sunlighten's FIR heater boasts clinical evidence of raising core body temperature by 3°.

  • Activates sweat glands, fostering deep detoxifying sweat.

  • Energizes and revitalizes without causing heat drain.

  • SoloCarbon heaters represent the highest quality and quantity of infrared on the market, with emissivity between 95-99%.

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Third-Party Testing

Vitatech Electromagnetics is the industry leader for the last 25+ years, helping to set the standard for EMF research, testing and safety. EMFs are measured in mG (milliguass) units.

Vitatech has set the industry standard as 10mG or less as “ultra-low.” Many items you use every day emit EMFs ranging from your toaster (3 to 70 mG) to your hair dryer (60 to 200 mG) to your blender (200 to 1,200 mG). Vitatech’s testing concluded Sunlighten’s heater panels measure less than 1 mG, with some as low as 0.1 mG, which is almost zero!

What about EMF's
(Electronic Magnetic Fields) 

The FACTS on Sunlighten Saunas & EMF

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