About Us

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our site and we hope you get the chance to visit our centre in Keswick, SA. Smart Recovery and Wellness is the first centre of it’s kind here in Adelaide and has been a long time coming and is made up of many dreams and visions for a one-stop place for all natural Recovery & Wellness needs. Whether you’re an athlete looking for recovery for optimal performance or you’re a parent looking for your children to improve and track their health or just an individual of all ages looking for better health physically & mentally. We offer a range of different services to help support your sports recovery, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, pain management, weight loss and wellness needs.

Emma has been working within the health industry for over 9 years including owning Smart Analysis for the past 7 years. Her healthy eating and living shines through her whole life so you can rest assure that the information that is past on, is through experience. She has a burning passion for teaching others how to avoid ill health and to live their most vibrant life. Emma is a qualified personal trainer, beauty therapist and holistic nutrition health coach so through her qualifications and own personal studies and health journey this is where the modalities of Smart Recovery and Wellness were created.

Emma’s husband Skipp who is also the face behind Smart Recovery and Wellness has been passionately involved with dirt bike racing for many years and achieved many goals from racing at Clipsal 500 against some of the worlds best to racing interstate and reaching the top 30 of Australia in Enduro racing. From his racing days he has learnt how important recovery and nutrition is to be at a top level performance. 

We both look forward to meeting with you and helping you along your personal health journey.

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