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Body Roll Adelaide

Body Roll

At Smart Recovery and Wellness, we're excited to introduce our innovative body roll machines, designed to provide you with an exceptional massage experience. Each machine features a central rotating barrel with timber battens attached, creating a gentle rolling motion when turned on. This allows you to place your body parts against the timber battens for a soothing massage, offering an efficient and unique alternative to traditional foam rollers. This is also the ultimate lymphatic drainage workout. Our body roll machines also incorporate advanced infrared heating technology, which warms the targeted area during the massage. This combination promotes relaxation, enhances circulation, and provides effective pain relief. Whether you're looking for relaxation, post-workout recovery, or relief from muscle tension, our body roll machines offer a convenient and luxurious way to achieve these goals and improve circulation. We can't wait to welcome you to SR&W for a rejuvenating experience in this new space!

How a Body Roll Machine Works

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Health Benefits 

Latic Acid Reduction with Body Roll

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is produced by muscles during intense physical activity when oxygen supply is limited. Reducing lactic acid levels can lead to improved muscle recovery and reduced muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. This can be achieved through various strategies and methods such as our body roll machine. Its does this by working the muscle in a rotating motion therefor increasing circulation. By doing this it helps the removal of lactic acid in the limbs enhancing muscle recuperation. 

SR&W: Where Recovery Meets Innovation 

Body Roll Adelaide

Roll in Luxury!

Our Body roll machines have a built in 10" Screen so you can easily adjust the barrel rotation, speed, Infrared Heat and collagen light. Our machines have a built in program and timer so this will allow you to go through the motions for each leg, arm, back and belly if you wish to cover all limbs. Otherwise you can put it on manual mode and choose the limbs and time frames you wish. 

Our exclusive Body Roll area has been carefully designed to provide privacy while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. We take pride in offering a versatile space where our customers can enjoy the Body Roll machine individually or if you and a friend book sessions together, you'll each have your own dedicated machine, ensuring a private and personalised experience.

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Here at SR&W, we're focused on ensuring you don't feel like a mere visitor.

Our goal is to provide you not only with effective treatments but also an opportunity to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate. Our mission is for you to walk out of our center feeling renewed and content.
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