Smart Spa

As life’s demands increase it's vital to check-in with your physical and mental well-being. Smart Recovery and Wellness have recognised the need for the body not only to rehabilitate but to fully enter a state of total relaxation as part of the recovery process.

Like all our services provided, we continue to take a holistic approach through to Smart Spa offering a range of customised treatments. All spa services have been individually designed to blend in with any current treatments you may be receiving.

Aromatherapy Massage
A soothing and rhythmic massage encouraging relaxation and circulation from head to toe. 

60min $115/ 90min $165


Back, Neck + Shoulders Massage
Tension releasing techniques used to alleviate tight muscles and headaches.

30min $65 / 60min $110


Hot Stone Massage
Warmed Basalt stones together with Australian Body essential oils used to apply medium pressure and warmth deep into the muscles.

70min $125/ 90min $175


Lymphatic Facial Massage
A gentle massage to encourage fluid movement around the face and decolletage eliminating waste and toxins from the tissues improving facial complexion.

30min $55


Body Brush + Swedish Massage
This massage starts off with a dry body brush to energize the body, increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system for smoother skin surface followed by a Swedish massage using long stroking movements for ultimate relaxation. 

60min $110 / 90min $160


Organic Body Wrap
Detox your body with this rejuvenating organic body scrub and wrap leaving your skin silky smooth.

60min $125


Dazzle Dry Manicure
Hand soak and organic exfoliation, nail shape and buff, cuticle care, hand and arm massage, polish. 

60min $60


Dazzle Dry Pedicure
Foot soak and organic exfoliation, nail shape and buff, cuticle care, foot and lower leg massage, polish. 

60min $70