Remedial Massage

Here at Smart Recovery and Wellness we know how important massage is for the body, whether it's for an injury, muscular tension, general well-being, rehabilitation or to enhance sports performance.

Our Remedial Massage therapist is Matt Glaetzer. Matt has had years of experience in the football field as a trainer and coach and has found a passion for helping people move better, recover better and have better mobility. He has a diploma of remedial massage and is registered with AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists) which is the largest leading massage association in Australia. 

Massage therapy can:
-Improve blood flow which benefits the circulatory and lymphatic systems
-Relieves muscular tightness and pain, neck and shoulder tension, muscle spasm and cramps
-Increase joint movements and flexibility
-Eliminate body waste and toxins
-Promote healing of injured tissues
-Facilitate muscle imbalance assessment and treatment

Matt specialises in:
*Deep Tissue
*Trigger Point
*Myofascial Release
*Muscle Energy Techniques
*Positional Release Techniques
*Range of motion movements
*Orthopaedic Testing
*Kinesiology Taping


If you're unsure of what would best suit you, don't stress, as we can point you in the right direction, just give us a call. Note: Please book in for an alternitive massage to Remedial like "Hot stone massage" under the Smart Spa tab on the booking page. More info HERE!

*Please speak to us in regards to 'Return To Work SA'. Our treatments can be approved by "Return to Work SA"

*Private health rebates avaliable!

Matt Glaetzer