Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Natasha Dart is a qualified Art Therapist with a Diploma of Art Psychotherapy. 

Natasha has been involved in the health industry for 5 years working in sports, disability and most recently Youth Work. She holds a Bachelor in Sports, Health and Physical Activity and is currently studying her Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy at Ikon Institute. Natasha was drawn to art therapy through her experience working with a wide range of clients who had difficulties being able to express themselves using words and often struggled with feeling safe enough to speak about their experiences. 


Natasha is passionate about using holistic and integrative approaches that incorporate looking at the mind, body, and soul collectively. She is also interested in the phenomenological approach with the understanding that we all have unique lived experiences and therefore each session is tailored to the client and their specific needs. Natasha prides herself on being able to hold positive regard and compassion with her clients as well as providing a safe place for exploration and personal growth to occur. She believes that art can be an extremely powerful tool that allows us to break free from traditional ways of being and move towards trusting our own intuition and bodies.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art-based practices to express and explore one’s inner self. We often find that words are just not enough when expressing emotional challenges and life experiences, therefore, the art provides us with an opportunity to discover new insights and process our responses within a safe environment. Art therapy requires no artistic talent as it is about the process and healing through meaning making and self-awareness rather than the aesthetic qualities.


The art therapy process is client led as you are the expert of yourself. Natasha prides herself on being able to provide a safe and private environment in which the therapeutic relationship can grow for the therapy to progress. Throughout the sessions Natasha will guide you through externalising your inner thoughts and feelings through using art as the instrument for projection. Perhaps you are feeling stuck, cut-off, or frozen from your experience, here you can become both artist and viewer, or both actor and audience to your own experience. This can often bring new awareness as we begin the process of healing and connecting to our inner world.


Being trained in a wide range of mediums and modalities Natasha will guide and assist you to explore your art by using thought provoking questions and changing perspective. This can include using multiple expressive arts approaches including sound, movement, play, drama, nature, and visual arts. During these sessions Natasha will never place judgment or interpret your work as only you can form meaning of your lived experiences.


What to expect?

The first session will involve getting to know one another and the materials.

This will include going through standard intake forms and discussing why you have chosen to come to Art Therapy. Here you can discuss any questions you may have and come up with some goals.


Natasha will then invite you to experiment and become familiar with the art materials. This first session may be only a short time with the art, but she can assure you the sessions following will involve more art making and creating whilst we journey towards your goals.